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Navel Dip Spray

The increasing cases of calf mortality and the illness they face can be blamed on varied things. Some people associate it with the altered weather conditions while some associate it with the increasing calving’s. But, there can be a case which might be getting overlooked. If we believe on experts, then as per them the common area which is overlooked in many operations is the calf’s umbilicus.

The umbilicus of the calf is made with a tube that leads to other parts of the body. It has been told by experts that every minute when the calf’s navel goes without dipping, the illness could develop. The development of illness could be in coming hours or days. Studies have also shown that calves with non- dipped navels had an 18 percent death rate, compared to calves with dipped navels at 7 percent.

Process to protect the calves:

As per experts in order to protect the calf, dipping the navel should be the initial and the last activity to be done. In this process navel dip spray can aid.

Steps in effectively dipping the navel:

For effectively dipping the navel, the following tips can be followed:

  • Use only 7 percent tincture iodine designed for navels. Also it must be noted that the drying of the navel can make the healing process much quicker.
  • Full coverage from the tip to abdomen should happen. The navel dip spray is good to use for ensuring the full coverage of the navel.
  • While clipping the navel, it is important to ensure that the equipment used is clean as well as sanitized. Be advised that clipping the navel too short can expose the opening in the body cavity, making it more readily available to organisms.
  • Another key part of the process is detection of the navel infections and the illness. If there is found swollen, hard, wet and pain in the region then complications can arise even further, so such marks must be considered and steps should be taken for curing them.

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