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The mineral oil is the petroleum derivative which is clear, free of color as well as the odor. Though chemically the product is similar to petroleum jelly, there are further classifications to it. The major ones are the paraffinic, aromatic and the naphthenic. This differentiation gets done on the basis on the type of alkanes the oil is made from and also the differentiation in their chemical makeups as well as properties. The ingredient is inexpensive and gets used in manufacturing of many products including the cooling systems, the lubricants, cosmetics, medicines and much more.

Major medical use:

In medicines only that ingredient can be used which is free from any allergy and which can treat one or more problems in an easy manner. The Mineral oil got marketed from the earliest 19ththat time it was called Nujol and was a good treatment for constipation. Apart from that it can be a good internal lubricant and can prevent the large intestine from absorbing the water. A few drops of the oil when is used warm, can help in softening of the ear wax.

Industrial and Scientific uses:

Mineral oil does not conduct electricity and is also a poor conductor of heat. As such some varieties of it can be applied on the tools, the machines and even on ships to prevent them from rusting. It also resists compression, so it’s commonly used to provide resistance in hydraulic assemblies. Apart from the industrial uses, the oil prevents the absorption of moisture from atmosphere. This property makes it a commendable product to be used for the preservation of the lithium and other alkali metals.

Personal Uses:

Apart from the above mentioned uses, the oil have certain personal use as well. They are the part of the popular skin care items like the cold creams and can be used as medical ointments for the adults, children as well as the infants. It is widely believed to be one of the most effective moisturizers available.

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