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Gentle Iodine Spray

Softjamb is providing excellent products which are made with raw materials. The Gentle Ioding spray is one such product by the company.

What is Iodine?

Iodine is basically the non-metallic and the lustrous solid element which is electropositive and which is the least reactive of all the halogens. It can form compounds with many elements and is capable of dissolving in only some solvents.

Uses of Iodine:

It is used in medical treatments as the tincture and iodioform. The use of the product is done greatly while preparing certain drugs and in the manufacture of printing inks and dyes. It is also an ingredient of water purification tablets that are used for drinking water preparation.

About the Iodine Spray:

Iodine Spray is the preparation that contains the iodine complex. This active ingredient is the non-staining and non-stinging one from the topical applications. The Iodine spray is the alcohol base which aids in producing a quick drying product, that one that does not delay the healing of wounds.

Uses of the Ingredient:

Iodine is assisting for treatment of and control of bacterial infections. These infections might arise in case of superficial wounds, the cuts, navel stumps and the castration wounds. Apart from treating the infected areas, the lotion can also disinfect those areas which have gone through surgical procedures or injections. The best thing is to use the product as a topical antiseptic prior to the surgical process like castrating and docking. It might be applied to the navels of the new born animals. However, if after use the redness, irritation and swelling persists or increases, use must be discontinued and Veterinarian must be consulted.

Directions for Use:

The product must be used after removing the cap from the pump top and then holding the bottle upright and 15 cm away from the skin. After that the spraying of thin film over the affected areas must be done by depressing the pump.


Though the product is really effective, but before using it there are certain cautions as well. Some of them are:

  • These should not be applied on deep and puncture wounds or on serious burns.
  • The contact with eyes or mucus membrane must be avoided.
  • Contents are flammable.
  • Its storage must not be done near heat or flame.