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What is Chlorhexidine?

Chlorhexidine is cationic polybiguanide. It is used primarily in its salt forms for example dihydrochloride, polybiguanide and digluconate. It is mainly used in disinfectants and in pharmaceutical products. It works actively against the gram negative and gram positive bacteria and fungi. It produces various measures of human diseases and it is also effective against the animal diseases. It is used as the topical disinfectant of wounds. It is also known as Chlorhexidine Digluconate. It kills the bacteria and is used as the wound cleanser and general skin cleanser after an injury, before surgery and injection.

What are its uses?

To animals, especially to chickens, Chlorhexidine is the most important measure to keep them clean and to keep them unaffected from the external germs such as gram negative bacteria. It works to provide therapeutic bath and helps to promote a healthy skin coat. It should be used for routine shampooing an all dogs, cats, horses, cows and chickens. It is an antimicrobial skin cleanser that helps to reduce bacteria that can cause disease. It is an immediate measure for skin wound and general skin cleansing.

How to use?

The use of Chlorhexidine ointment on animals is very necessary and it is very beneficial. A wet coat of it should be thoroughly applied with warm water to clear the germs and bacteria. But it should be noticed that it does not get into the eyes. It should be applied on the neck, chest, middle and hindquarter finishing with legs. The use of it should be stopped if the irritation develops. Then you have to consult to a veterinarian.

Has its side effects?

As a disinfectant it has a vast use. This medical product is not only used to fight against the germs and bacteria but for few other purposes too. Chlorhexidine is used to disinfect the skin and hands, used as additive to creams, toothpaste, deodorants and used in making of pharmaceutical products as preservative in eye drops, active substance in wound dressings and antiseptic mouthwashes. WHO, the World Health Organization has enlisted chlorhexidine at their List of Essential Medicines. Soft Jamb Co produces all their products including this one after following a chronological research and development procedure. We produce all our animal health products with intense care keeping it in mind that these are the articles will used in development of human as well as animal health.

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