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Animal Health Products

Animal Health Products are the wide range of vaccines, feed additives and other pharmaceuticals, used to maintain animal health. At least 60% of human diseases have their roots deeply settled in the animal world. About 1500 of our recognized infectious diseases come from them. The nature of our world is inhabited by an increasing population of human beings and animals living in close proximity. In such a situation the balance of the entire ecosystem lies on the consciousness of Mankind in combating the hazards that affects both the species. Bringing clarity in Animal health conditions will surely elevate the general health.

Like human beings animals too suffer from several diseases and they too are in need of medical attention. There are a number of common diseases in between them as well and sometimes they need the same medicines. But they get a number of diseases completely different from human as well.

These need special medications and treatments. They are known as Animal Health Products. There are different types Animal Health Products. They include anti-infectives(antibiotics, antimicrobials, parasiticides), anaesthetics, antacids, biologicals (vaccines, immunisations), anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants etc.

How to apply the products?

Animals are basically provided medicines through injection, oral means or topically. Animal health products are used in order to minimize diseases among animals through Bio security which is a set of preventive measures with the goal of securing both animals and human by forming limitations of animal diseases. Securing animal health can be done through good nutrition, proper housing, and vaccination programmers and herd health plans.

What  are the causes of using it?

A variety of our consumables come from animals. When we browse market for meat or fish, we need to stay sure of the product’s freshness. A huge disaster can fall upon us if the vast industry of animal health gets neglected. That is why the animal industry, including veterinarians and livestock farmers use Animal Health Products as a serious measure. Just like people, animals can get sick – and thanks to advances in such kind of products for they have provided safe and effective medicines to treat them.

Which products are most useful?

The health products for animals which are most essential are innumerable. Here are the few with are most useful and are used commonly for the most of them. These are Chlorhexidine solution, Gentle Iodine Spray; iodine wound spray, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mineral oil, Poultry Drinking Water Supplement etc. All of the above six food products or health supplements have their functions in maintenance & development on domestic and farm animals and poultry birds.

Chlorhexidine solution is a product by Soft Jamb Co that is used to sterilize the wound after operation or before inject any medicine. Gentle Iodine Spray, another medical product is used as tincture and it has an extensive industrial use. An alcohol based remedy for animal is Isopropyl Alcohol the company produces, used as a solvent for coatings or for industrial processes. Mineral Oil is a most essential ingredient in the medicine producing industry. And finally the Poultry Drinking Water Supplement an important watery food supplement develops both the growth and health of poultry birds.