Iodine Wound Spray

What is Iodine wound spray?

Iodine wound spray is a non-stinging topical antiseptic, ideal for animal use. This spray is a yellowish-brown solution containing 2.5% w/v of Iodine in an alcohol base.

How does it work?

The alcoholic base helps the Iodine more capable in acting as germicidal, bactericidal and sporicidal. It also effectively treats a wide range of organisms associated with fungal and bactericidal conditions.

How is Iodine wound spray used?

Especially cattle care has grown easier with the use of Iodine wound spray. This liquid is used prior to several surgical undertakings such as castration, docking and de-horning. It is also greatly efficient in curing minor bruises, cuts, treat sores, mud fever, ringworm, footsore and abrasions. It is also used in treating various navel infections of newborn animals.

Indications for using Iodine wound spray:

Iodine wound spray is strictly prescribed for external wounds of animals.

Iodine wound spray  nozzle should be held 4-6 inches far from the area to be sprayed for equal spreading of the medicine.

spraying lightly over the infected area can be continued daily if necessary until the wound is healed.

If Iodine wound spray is used on the teats and udders of cattle then prior to the next milking of the treated animal the teats and udder should be washed very well in order to avoid contamination.


  • Not for human use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not inhale Iodine Spray mist.
  • Not to be used on burns, body cavities or deep wounds. It is highly perilous and fatal if swallowed.
  • Not to be used on eyes, mucous membrane or large area of abraded skin.
  • If post treatment with this antiseptic results in any irritation, swelling or redness of animal skin then immediate medical attention should be drawn.
  • Animals with light colored fur can turn temporarily discolored fur with the use of this liquid.

How to store Iodine wound spray:

Iodine wound spray in highly volatile and flammable. Not to be exposed at a temperature more than 120 degree Fahrenheit. This spray should be stored in sealed or tightly closed containers when not used. The standard temperature of storing Iodine wound spray is within 15 degree to 30 degree Celsius.